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  • Increase your business contacts with people who are influential and successful, in a friendly environment.
  • You are highly likely to receive a business referral / referrals from the existing Group to grow your business.
  • New way to market and advertise your products & services at no cost.
  • No pressure to join the Group and you don’t have to buy anything! This is NOT Multi Level Marketing.
  • Many, many more reasons… 

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The time has come to revitalise and refresh the BRX offering.

It is now 10 years since we founded BRX, or as it was then BRE. That is 10 years of networking at breakfast time, 10 years of referrals and 10 years where meeting formats have been relatively unchanged although we have, over the last few years, been encouraging our BRX Groups to vary meeting formats.

Not that the age old formula has not worked, as indeed over the years the substantial number of meaningful referrals and introduction via useful 1-2-1s have been a testament to the success of the format.


Terms & Conditions



Meetings are held on a weekly basis with the exception of National Holidays as decided by the Group. Meetings commence promptly at the time agreed by the Group. The formal part of the meeting lasts for 90 minutes.

Members are expected to arrive fifteen minutes before the official start time to meet and greet visitors. This period together with the networking period prior to the formal part of the meeting is an important element of the process.

The meeting fee that includes breakfast must be paid monthly in advance and is paid irrespective of whether breakfast is taken or not. The relevant Group Chairman or the person responsible set the monthly payment and may include an amount towards the Group's own funds which are used for the benefit of the Members. Any funds in the Group s bank account in excess of its commitments are to be used for local marketing initiatives. In the event of Members leaving the Group, there is no entitlement to any refund from Group funds which remain for the benefit of current Members.

The Company Structure

Business Referral Group is currently developing Groups in various geographical locations. Groups are overseen by Group Partners (GPs) who work to develop and maintain these Groups. GPs sign an agreement with BRX. It outlines the terms and conditions under which they can operate.

At the formative stage of each group, a Chairman and a committee may be appointed from amongst its Founder Members. They serve a term of six months, which is renewable. In the case of a Group Partner founding a new BRX Group, the management structure is at the GP's discretion.


This entitles an individual or a company to a membership of a specific Group. The company can then elect a maximum of three representatives who may alternate at the Group meeting. The Member is guaranteed exclusivity within their core business or profession and undertakes to ensure that they are represented every week (or scheduled dates for meeting for that group). A Member can attend other BRX Groups on an occasional basis with prior approval of BRX and the Chairman of the Group being visited. This is dependent upon there being no Member present in the Group being visited in direct competition.

A critical aspect of Business Referral Group is that only one business from any trade or profession may join and once a Member is accepted no other company or individual in that line of business can join there.

Conditions of the Membership

Members must represent a discipline that is their main business or represents a substantial part of their business activities. Where a business provides more than one key product or service, the Member must focus on what they consider to be their main business or profession within the Group. No more than one business can be represented at meetings without the BRX s permission. In the event of a Member wishing to change the core activity of their business/profession for which they are registered in the Group, a new application must be submitted to BRX and the committee Member responsible for membership for approval.

In the event of Members not being able to attend a meeting they must organize a substitute to attend on their behalf. That substitute is there to give and receive referrals on behalf of the Member and to make the presentation on the Member's business. An existing Member of the Group cannot act as a substitute for an absent Member.

With the approval of the Chairman, subject to the substitute's own core activity of his business/profession not being represented in the Group, that substitute will be able to give a presentation of their own company/discipline.


If a Member fails to attend regularly and does not arrange to be represented, BRX managing committee, the Chairman and its committee, reserve the right to revoke the membership ( maximum of 4 leave of absence for specific reasons will be considered per quarter), but in each instance every effort should be made to arrange regular substitutes.

Members' Responsibilities

It is essential that Members are prepared to accept the commitment of regular attendance as well as participation in the Referral Development Programme and other training sessions run from time to time. Members who do not comply with this commitment may be liable to have their membership revoked by the Group's committee or Partner.

Any Member who behaves in a manner, which in the view of the Group s committee, AP and BRX, is unprofessional and even likely to bring the Group into disrepute, will be liable to have their membership revoked.

Members must make every effort to bring visitors/friends to their Group or other BRX Groups. The Member needs to ensure that the core activity does not conflict with those of existing Members. In the event of a possible overlap or conflict, approval of the visit must be obtained prior to the meeting from the Group Chairman. It is particularly important that Members bring the right business people to help build meaningful memberships. More Members and the wider the range of the core activities represented in the Group, the greater the opportunity to generate referrals.

Membership Renewal & Termination

Initial or balance payments can be made by cheque, demand draft. Please note that BRX will not be able to refund the membership fees once the Member is registered

In the event of the cheque (in case of making the balance payments) not being received within 21 days of the due date, membership will deemed to have lapsed. Once membership has expired and the Member wishes to rejoin, a new application has to be submitted.

BRX or its representatives hold the complete right to terminate the membership of the Member. In the event of membership being terminated by BRX or its representatives, for whatever reason, no fees are refundable. In the event of a Member wishing to cease the membership, no fees are refundable.

Membership Incentive Scheme

An incentive scheme to encourage existing members to introduce new Members operates as follows.:

For each Member that you introduce to any BRX Group, you will receive an extended membership by two months. Therefore, if you introduce six Members during the course of your Membership, your entire Membership will be complimentary for the following membership year, subject to the member adhering to other terms and conditions such as attendance, good conduct, etc.

Training & Development

Business Referral Group continues to enhance ongoing development training as well as personal and business development. In most cases there will be a notional meeting charge.

Marketing & Communication

The company has a central marketing budget and we work closely with our Group Partners to develop the organization's profile. BRX produces BRXmail to communicate with Members. For those who do not have the facility to receive emails, the content may be included in the notes presented by the Chairman of each Group at the relevant weekly meeting.

BRX run networking events during the year. All Members are encouraged to participate in as many as possible; these have proved to be socially very successful, as well as excellent networking opportunities.


On acceptance of an application for the membership, BRX will provide the Member with a business cardholder, a Member badge and relevant booklets, brochures and information.

Business Referral Group encourages Members to be involved in as many networking opportunities as they can reasonably manage. The more networking a member does, the more contacts are made and the more opportunities there are for both giving and receiving business. However, regular attendance at the member's BRX Group is important and must be given precedence over other networking opportunities.

BRX will not accept applications from applicants who are involved in the management of competitive networks and organisations. Business Referral Group will be the sole judge of what is considered to be competitive. If an existing Member is found to be involved either in the establishment or management of a competitive network or organisation, their ongoing membership may be liable to termination. In those circumstances BRX will not liable to refund the membership fees.

BRX reserves the right to change the venue, the day, the breakfast and the breakfast meeting fee, without obligation to refund membership fees, providing that the best effort is made to ensure that the location is as convenient as possible for the majority of the Members of the Group.

BRX reserves the right to open more than one Group in any venue, locality, town, city, district, state, country. BRX reserves the right to close membership of a Group when it considers it appropriate.

On occasions, BRX may want to pass on details of our Members to third parties for the benefit of the Group or its partners. This will be specifically for BRX purposes only.

Cancellation of Membership

If a Member wishes to terminate their membership, BRX must be advised in writing, giving one month's notice. Failure to do so will result in membership still being active and membership fees will still be due. The Member is responsible for cancelling the standing order mandate.

Disciplinary Procedure

In the event of any conflict or complaint, it should be made in writing to the Chairman of the Group. He/She will make every effort to resolve the problem and will have the authority to issue an official warning. In the event of the problem being unresolved, Business Referral Group will take the final decision.

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